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Who Should Steam?

ALMOST ANY WOMAN! That being said, there are certain factors that may make it not suitable for certain women, but those are established during the consultation.  For the most part, if you were born female, then steaming will help you.

It is the number one way to maintain feminine health and hygiene!! 

If you are the type of gal who chooses to eat organic, prefers sustainably sourced products, and relies on holistic healthcare, why not extend it to your entire body? Many times gynecologists don't recommend this healing method because when this medical field was established traditional healing methods like herbal remedies and yoni steaming (that had been used by midwives and women healers for millennia) were disregarded as superstitious at best, and harmful at worst. 

So if you would consider yourself on the side of female empowerment, then take back your power in the realm of healthcare and give yourself the healing benefit of steaming.


Why Should I use a Steam Sauna box?

A steam sauna box helps contain the steam and effectively direct the current of air into your body.  If you are using a bowl, stool, or chair, then the air can dissipate and the water will cool too quickly, and the herbs will not have as great of an affect.


Can i steam with an IUd?

Short answer: No. 

Steaming may melt the plastic or adversely affect the hormonal distribution with an IUD like Mirena, and it can cause reactions such as the IUD becoming displaced or exiting the body altogether.  Even a copper IUD would not be considered safe for steaming. 


Can it help even If I had a HYSTERECTOMY?

Short answer: Yes! 

It will bring circulation to the area to help maintain a healthy level of moisture and help your body's hormones regulate themselves.

is it safe?

YES. Yes, yes, yes! For anyone that it may potentially have even the slightest risk of harming, we won't recommend it. Those women are limited to: those who have IUDs, those who are currently pregnant, those who have too much heat in their bodies already, and those who have constant bleeding (but we know how to make that stop too! so as soon as it's over then steaming is highly recommended).  IUD risks are mentioned above.  For pregnant women, it can cause miscarriage, but during the postpartum period is one of the most essential tools to complete healing.