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The Basics

how to set up the steam Sauna

Your initial purchase will come with a Box, a Burner, a Pot, and we highly recommend purchasing our herbal blends at the same time (Each herbal blend comes with 2 (or 3 for postpartum) packs of Herbs)

(Thoroughly wash the pot inside and out before use)

  • Bring 1 qt of water to boil on the stove in a kettle or saucepan

  • Meanwhile, place the pot from the kit on the burner inside the box, with one pouch of herbs inside the pot. You do not need to open the pouch, but you can if you prefer.

  • When water is at a rolling boil, pour over the herbs in the pot and cover with lid. Allow to steep for at least 10 minutes.

  • Remove lid and test steam temperature with the inside of your elbow. If it feels warm but comfortable, you may sit on the box. If it feels too hot, allow it to steep a little longer. If you will be steaming for longer than 10 minutes (according to what we discussed) then this is the time to turn the burner on low to maintain the temperature of the water and ensure the steam continues for the entire time.

  • When you have finished steaming, it is recommended to wash the pot as soon as it is cool enough to touch. Please hand wash. Take note of anything that may appear in the water after you have steamed, and let us know about it!

how we determine what herbs to use

We have been taught by teachers that developed recipes in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as traditional Mayan herbal healers.