the moon Cycle

How does the Moon affect you as a Woman?

Just as the moon pulls the tides, and even shifts the tempo that our planet moves and turns in space, it has a pull on your body.

We are made up of around 60% water, so we ebb and flow just like the ocean as the moon waxes and wanes. This means our body naturally wants to be cycling each month between high levels of energy at the full moon and low levels of energy at the new moon. If our personal cycle does not match the 28-30 day period the moon takes to complete it's phases, then we can feel imbalanced. By tracking not only our days of bleeding but also what we feel like in between the menstrual flows, we can begin to tune in to these natural rhythms and notice whether or not we are in sync with them.

There was a time on this planet when all women bled at the same time every month, on the new moon. It was a time of tribal culture, of living in close communion with the earth and with each other.

As we moved towards a more urban and industrial life, our bodies grew more out of tune with the natural ebb and flow. Women became distanced from the land and the water and the planets, and competition, rather than sisterhood became the norm. 

One of the ways this is being counteracted throughout the world is through women's circles. By meeting once a month on the same phase of the moon, women (as long as they are not on any form of hormonal birth control or IUD) are noticing that their cycles are not only syncing with the moon, but with each other! This is one of many ways that women are reuniting with nature and bringing awareness to their bodies' natural needs and wants.

Sometimes just close proximity with other women just isn't enough--that's where yoni steaming comes in. We can help push/pull the cycle of a woman by having her steam on certain days with certain herbs, and by helping plan a calendar of rest/activity/nutrition/meditation with her.  

Do you want to know more? Schedule a consultation for steaming here, and sign up for the local (to Phoenix) New Moon Women's Circle here.

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